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  1. Am I eligible to be a Streetspotr?

  2. Can I do Spots with a friend?

  3. Can I pause a Spot and continue it later?

  4. Can I use Streetspotr without a PayPal account?

  5. Can I use the app offline too?

  6. Do I always have to start over when collecting StreetPoints?

  7. Do I have to pay any fees when receiving money on PayPal?

  8. Do I have to pay tax on my Streetspotr earnings?

  9. For some jobs I have to spend money. Why?

  10. How can I delete my account?

  11. How can I filter paid and unpaid Spots?

  12. How can I find just a specific type of Spot? There are too many Spots on the map!

  13. How can I see Spots in other cities?

  14. How do I get rated?

  15. How long does it take to review my Spot?

  16. How many Spots can I accept per day?

  17. How much time do I have to complete a Spot?

  18. How old do I have to be to use Streetspotr?

  19. I can see a Spot on my map, but I can’t accept it. Why not?

  20. I can’t login on your website!

  21. I didn’t receive certain Badges!

  22. I didn’t receive my verification mail!

  23. I found a bug!

  24. I get the message that my connection is too poor to upload my results!

  25. I see Spots on the map with a green zero! What does this mean?

  26. Instant Spot Alerts - iOS

  27. Instant Spot Alerts (Android)

  28. Is my data safe?

  29. Is Streetspotr free to use?

  30. My data allowance is used up by Streetspotr way too fast!

  31. My Spot has been rejected – what now?

  32. My StreetPoints are gone! What happened?

  33. There are not many Spots in my region - why?

  34. What are Badges?

  35. What are don'ts?

  36. What are StreetPoints?

  37. What can I do to prevent my Spots from getting rejected?

  38. What do I have to be careful of when completing photo-tasks?

  39. What do I have to do to become a Streetspotr?

  40. What is a Spot?

  41. What is StreetNews?

  42. What is Streetspotr?

  43. What is the 12-7-30 rule?

  44. What privacy settings do I have?

  45. When do I get paid?

  46. Where can I provide my PayPal address?

  47. Where is Streetspotr available?

  48. Who can see my personal information like name and mail address?

  49. Why are Spots I have already finished, still visible on my friend’s map?

  50. Why do we use Google Play Services?

  51. Why has my Spot been rejected?

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