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  1. 30 days (ES)

  2. Am I eligible to be a Streetspotr?

  3. Can I do Spots with a friend?

  4. Can I pause a Spot and continue it later?

  5. Can I use Streetspotr without a PayPal account?

  6. Can I use the app offline too?

  7. Do I always have to start over when collecting StreetPoints?

  8. Do I have to pay any fees when receiving money on PayPal?

  9. Do I have to pay tax on my Streetspotr earnings?

  10. For some jobs I have to spend money. Why?

  11. How can I delete my account?

  12. How can I filter paid and unpaid Spots?

  13. How can I find just a specific type of Spot? There are too many Spots on the map!

  14. How can I see Spots in other cities?

  15. How do I get rated?

  16. How long does it take to review my Spot?

  17. How many Spots can I accept per day?

  18. How much time do I have to complete a Spot?

  19. How old do I have to be to use Streetspotr?

  20. I can see a Spot on my map, but I can’t accept it. Why not?

  21. I can’t login on your website!

  22. I didn’t receive certain Badges!

  23. I didn’t receive my verification mail!

  24. I found a bug!

  25. I get the message that my connection is too poor to upload my results!

  26. I see Spots on the map with a green zero! What does this mean?

  27. Instant Spot Alerts (Android)

  28. Instant Spot Alerts - iOS

  29. Is my data safe?

  30. Is Streetspotr free to use?

  31. My data allowance is used up by Streetspotr way too fast!

  32. My Spot has been rejected – what now?

  33. My StreetPoints are gone! What happened?

  34. There are not many Spots in my region - why?

  35. What are Badges?

  36. What are don'ts?

  37. What are StreetPoints?

  38. What can I do to prevent my Spots from getting rejected?

  39. What do I have to be careful of when completing photo-tasks?

  40. What do I have to do to become a Streetspotr?

  41. What is a Spot?

  42. What is StreetNews?

  43. What is Streetspotr?

  44. What is the 12-7-30 rule?

  45. What privacy settings do I have?

  46. When do I get paid?

  47. Where can I provide my PayPal address?

  48. Where is Streetspotr available?

  49. Who can see my personal information like name and mail address?

  50. Why are Spots I have already finished, still visible on my friend’s map?

  51. Why do we use Google Play Services?

  52. Why has my Spot been rejected?

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